“Amazing....a wonderful voice”                       

Bonnie Tyler


“Fantastic...a very talented young man”                       

Rob Brydon


“A fantastic young man…his voice is out of this world”                             

Chris Needs, BBC Radio Wales


“A remarkable performer”                      

Roy Noble, BBC Radio Wales


“Absolutely extraordinay....a magnificent voice”                      

Lynn Bowles, BBC Radio Wales


“Wales' long list of talented stage performers has a new star in the ascendant”

South Wales Evening Post


"….a singer who is able to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, he has such a variety of colours and nuances in his voice"

South Wales Evening Post


“….a set of knock-out performances….he pretty much blew everyone away"

(Welsh Musical Theatre Young Singer of the Year Competition)


“Michael Riseley is definitely one to watch for the future...he had the audience in the palm of his hand...his version of The Music of the Night was one of the best I have ever heard"

Media Wales 

(An Evening of Movies & Musicals)


“Michael Riseley has the perfect voice for a young tenor lead, which is often something missing in modern day productions. Thankfully he also has the stage presence to carry it off"

Bargain Theatreland

(The Mikado)

"Michael Riseley, as Nanki-Poo, has a rich, evocative voice. He sings everything beautifully"

MM Theatre Reviews

(The Mikado)

"Nanki-Poo was played by Michael Riseley, whose soft high range could make a grown man weep"

(The Mikado)


“Michael Riseley, as the wandering minstrel Nanki-Poo, combines dulcet tenor tones with a gentle desperation to be with Yum Yum”

British Theatre Guide

(The Mikado)


“Michael Riseley, as the likeable and pleasant wand’ring minstrel Nanki-Poo, has a clarity of tone in his upper register which will bode well for his future career”

(The Mikado)


“Michael Riseley gives a delightful performance as Adolfo Pirelli"

Music Web International

(Sweeney Todd)


“Sir Walter Raleigh is played with authority by Michael Riseley"

(Merrie England)


“Michael Riseley is brave and loyal as the heroic Sir Walter Raleigh”

UK Theatre Network

(Merrie England)


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